How I long to speak with You,
yet the words they do not come.
I know You know my thoughts,
they don’t make it past my tongue.

My mind so full and tangled,
a battlefield within.
A heart so full of longing,
confusion setting in.

“Father” is all I seem to muster,
from the chaos deep inside.
You reach down with gentle hands,
I know You hear my cry.

Without a word to escape my lips,
You hear just what I say.
The jumbled mass inside my head,
now has gone away.


A Heart of Gold

An early morning visitor,
the angel takes your hand.
A smile upon your face,
as you leave this earthly land.

Your two children up above,
anxiously await.
To see they’re mom again,
as you enter Heaven’s gate.

Many lives you’ve touched,
with your heart of gold.
To see good in everyone,
oh the stories to be told.

You will be truly missed,
the epitome of love.
As you dance with Jesus,
we find comfort from above.

Dedicated to Cathy Oakes.

No more sorrow,
no more pain.
No more worries,
free again.

We’ll see you again some day.

Happy Daddy’s Day

In a world so full of fathers,
but dad’s are very few.
Special are those men,
who do what daddy’s do.

Providing and protecting,
showing that they care.
Shaping little lives,
where once there was despair.

A father is the man,
who helps make life upon the earth.
But daddy’s are the men,
who show them what they’re worth.

Spring Showers 

The rain of yesterday lingers,
slowly coming down.
The thirst of new growth quenched,
as Spring flourishes from the ground.

The trees are full of life,
as birds sing sweetly ‘neath the leaves.
The sound is oh so peaceful,
small branches dancing with the breeze.

Abundant is the beauty,
as the flowers anxiously bloom.
Reaching up to heaven,
the smell of nature’s sweet perfume.

All this here for us,
yet we often take for granted.
The beauty of His presence,
overwhelmingly enchanted.

Clear the Fog

I hear You when You speak,
yet I question the lingering words.
Clear the fog which clouds my mind,
let Your voice be distinctly heard.

Free will You give to turn to You,
the internal longing there.
Yet distractions of this earthly place,
cause confusion and despair.

I pray for peace and clarity,
some wisdom I could use.
Discernment to help me understand,
just what I need to do.

My mind my own worst enemy,
thoughts are scrambling ’round.
Lay Your hand upon my head,
to calm chaotic sounds.

I long to live a life for You,
so difficult it seems.
Fill me with Your spirit Lord,
let Your light shine bright in me.

Another Opportunity

From a restless night to wake,
another day has dawned.
With it opportunity,
for insecurity to begone.

Inadequate my life,
for the gift You gave to me.
You show Your love in many ways,
undeservingly on my knees.

My life so overwhelming,
the fault lies within me.
Learning to let go,
not as easy as it seems.

My human side seeks control,
always taking care.
Seeing to the needs of others,
knowing You are there.

To step aside and let You work,
as only You can do.
Help me Lord to let it go,
and give it all to You.

Omnipresent Love

I see You in the clouds,
Your brilliance piercing through.
Your radiance assuring,
so many have no clue.

I hear You in the morning,
the singing birds so sweet.
Your presence so alluring,
to soon be bowing at Your feet.

I smell You in the flowers,
Your freshness fills the air.
I find Your fragrance comforting,
and know how much You care.

I taste You in the honey,
as the bees are buzzing round.
Your sweetness so fulfilling,
eternal glory of heavenly crowns.

I feel You in my arms,
as the precious baby sleeps.
Your love so overwhelming,
in the promises You keep.

Your grace so undeserving,
of our mortal souls.
Your arms continuously open,
though we hurt You so.

We never could repay You,
the price You paid too great.
Instead Your cross to carry,
until we enter Your heavenly gate.