Clear The Clutter

Jumping to conclusions,
as we often do.
Satan playing mind games,
making us as fools.

Apologies are lifted up,
to a loving God.
For allowing our minds to run astray,
Lord You leave us awed.

Lead us not into temptation,
please grasp our outstretched hand.
Deliver us from the evil one,
who runs rampant in this land.

Clear our heads to hear Your voice,
push away the clutter.
Reside within our hearts,
in glorious joy we shudder.


To Start My Day

Stirring from my sleep,
the birds begin to sing.
A faint light is slipping through,
on my window pane.

He wants me to have time with Him,
I missed it yesterday.
He beckens me to awake,
with Him I start my day.

Thank You Lord for loving me,
and drawing me close to You.
I’ve missed our time together,
allowing worldliness to consume.

Lead me, guide me, shape me,
to what You want me to be.
I’m listening for instructions,
please, never give up on me.

Undescribable Love

Distractions are abundant,
my mind is lead astray.
Yearning for a happy life,
to live another day.

Attention directed elsewhere,
my focus pulled away.
Help me Lord I’m begging You,
to push these thoughts away.

To love You Lord is not enough,
I know You understand.
I need You to consume my life,
as no other can.

In love with You I want to be,
consumed by all You are.
To feel You in the air I breathe,
let the seconds become hours.

A life for You I long to live,
my heart so filled with love.
So thankful for Your loving grace,
my omniscient God above.

Dedicated to my friend Zach. May you find peace in your journey. 

To Find My Way

Take my thoughts and harness them,
in Your loving hands.
Allowing those against Your will,
to fall into the sand.

My flesh is aching for Your love,
I know how much You care.
Distractions of this earthly place,
my solace isn’t there.

A joy inside my heart,
I long to feel once more.
Fill me with Your spirit Lord,
as You have before.

Apologies I send Your way,
I hang my head in shame.
Help me Lord to find the path,
Your will be filled again.

Why Not Both?

Feeling pulled in many ways,
a struggle deep within.
I need Your help to guide my path,
where do I begin?

No time to stop and feel the sun,
or see the flowers bloom.
To hear the birds in song so sweet,
Your beauty to consume.

Excuses made at why to stay,
a job I know so well.
An obligation to so many,
disappointment overwhelms.

A volunteer with good intentions,
excited at the start.
As time goes by I feel the stress,
it fills my aching heart.

I long to find a mountain stream,
enjoy the steady flow.
Or find a beach to watch the waves,
and feel the warm winds blow.

Taking time for others,
is not the problem here.
Making time for me,
I shed a selfish tear.

When I meet you face to face,
will I look You in the eye?
Or bow my head in the shame,
a life I can’t deny.


The inner battle rages,
swaying to and fro.
My mind and body aching,
tired of fighting so.

My strength is in my weakness,
of this to be reminded.
He holds me in His hands,
yet I remain blinded.

Soon it will be clear,
the path which I should take.
With His gentle guidance,
a decision I must make.

Everyday Valentine

Valentine’s is here again,
expectations are set high.
In my home another day,
let me tell you why.

Instead of buying flowers,
he goes to work each day.
Providing for his family,
who he prays for every day.

He also cleans the house,
the yard stays nice and neat.
Mending leaky faucets,
no dish left in the sink.

The weekend rolls around,
exhausted from the week.
Still he takes the time,
to make the day so sweet.

So keep your store bought flowers,
the candy I don’t need.
I wouldn’t trade a single day,
so thankful you chose me.

Dedicated to the man I know will always be there for me no matter what.
I love you Kevin Pritt ♡