Omnipresent Love

I see You in the clouds,
Your brilliance piercing through.
Your radiance assuring,
so many have no clue.

I hear You in the morning,
the singing birds so sweet.
Your presence so alluring,
to soon be bowing at Your feet.

I smell You in the flowers,
Your freshness fills the air.
I find Your fragrance comforting,
and know how much You care.

I taste You in the honey,
as the bees are buzzing round.
Your sweetness so fulfilling,
eternal glory of heavenly crowns.

I feel You in my arms,
as the precious baby sleeps.
Your love so overwhelming,
in the promises You keep.

Your grace so undeserving,
of our mortal souls.
Your arms continuously open,
though we hurt You so.

We never could repay You,
the price You paid too great.
Instead Your cross to carry,
until we enter Your heavenly gate.


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