Why Not Both?

Feeling pulled in many ways,
a struggle deep within.
I need Your help to guide my path,
where do I begin?

No time to stop and feel the sun,
or see the flowers bloom.
To hear the birds in song so sweet,
Your beauty to consume.

Excuses made at why to stay,
a job I know so well.
An obligation to so many,
disappointment overwhelms.

A volunteer with good intentions,
excited at the start.
As time goes by I feel the stress,
it fills my aching heart.

I long to find a mountain stream,
enjoy the steady flow.
Or find a beach to watch the waves,
and feel the warm winds blow.

Taking time for others,
is not the problem here.
Making time for me,
I shed a selfish tear.

When I meet you face to face,
will I look You in the eye?
Or bow my head in the shame,
a life I can’t deny.


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