Thursday Night Humility 

A truly special night tonight. At one stop it was asked if anyone had anything they needed to talk about. As we stood in our circle, our friends began speaking of things they were thankful for. One gentleman, who rarely speaks or even makes eye contact, asked that we pray for his former boss.

As he finished, his friend pulled her copy of “Jesus Is Calling” from her backpack stating how fitting today’s devotion was since the topic of conversation was overcoming our circumstances.

As she read the passage, quiet surrounding us as we soaked in the words, she began crying tears of joy before she could finish because she was so thankful at how good our God is. She talked about how we tend to overlook the good and focus on the circumstances we are experiencing.

This was humbling to all of us and a great reminder that no matter our circumstances, God is with us. He is molding us into what we’re meant to be.
We closed with a circle of prayer, hands locked and heads bowed as we praised God and asked that He help us all allow our lights to shine in His infinite glory.

Please pray for our outdoor neighbors. As one of our friends said tonight, homelessness is not always a choice. Sometimes it’s just being a victim of circumstance.


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