Christmas Eve 2016

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Dust bunnies were hiding under the couch.

The kids are all grown and doing their thing,
So proud of them all and the pleasure they bring.

Fortunate are we to have such great kids,
Warm are our hearts at the good job we did.

It wasn’t that easy as you young folks now know.
A mind of their own and off they will go.

You pull your hair out and scream a few words.
And wonder how you had such cute little turds.

They drive you bat crazy with whining and such.
But melt your heart down with their sweet little touch.

The excitement they bring with curious minds.
They bring back fond memories when we were that size.

As adults we get busy and life is a mess.
Until we get home to our sweet cozy nest.

You get the kids settled and sleeping so sound.
Time to sit on the couch and take your feet off the ground.

A smile on your face as you enjoy this short break.
Now get up off your butt those presents won’t wait.

You put things together that were supposed to be easy.
Those darn Santa cookies have your tummy quite queasy.

It’s all finally done the bed calls your name.
You lie down with a smile of what tomorrow will bring.

Merry Christmas Folks! Enjoy your babies, they grow up fast.

by: Jona Pritt
Photo Credit: Facebook Cards


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