Count Your Blessings 

​I woke this morning just before the alarm. As I rolled over in bed, the thought crossed my mind of how comfortable I was, while  pulling the covers up a little more as my fan blows a cool breeze over my bed.

I lied there for a while, hitting the snooze button each time my phone said it was time to get moving. 
I feel my husband stir beside me, I get up so he can sleep a little longer. Opening the bedroom door, the aroma from my pre-set coffee pot fills the hallway. I fix myself a cup, sit down in my favorite chair and enjoy the peace before my day begins.
I’m one of the lucky ones. 
All over this world people are struggling. They don’t all have homes, or comfortable beds, or a spouse who truly loves them. They don’t wake to coffee in the morning and some don’t even know if they’ll eat that day. Their nights are filled with guarded sleep. Guarded from intruders of the night, human, animal, insect, whatever it may be. 
So many of us take so much for granted. We need to count our Blessings for they are abundant.  If the thought crosses our mind today to do something nice for someone, we need to do it. 
Don’t put it off. Don’t let the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way pass you by. We need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. A little kindness goes a long way.
“God gives each person on the earth a set of keys, keys to live this life down here on the earth. Now in this set, there is one key you can use to unlock prison doors and set captives free.” – Same Kind of Different as Me


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