A Call From Heaven

I received a call from Heaven, 
my love was on the line.
He told me that he missed me,
and everything was fine.

He talked about our life together,
and how much greater it would be.
But I still had some work to do,
while he’s waiting there for me.

He asked me not to cry for him,
in his joyful state.
But to cherish all the memories,
our earthly life was great.

Oh so many Blessings,
granted from above.
The angels watching over,
two hearts so filled with love.

Dedicated to  Jackie Fulks in memory of Bill Fulks

The photo with this poem was taken outside the funeral home the night of visitation.  Storms were rolling in and rain was coming down, yet God left a window to Heaven open for Bill.  The picture does not do justice for you cannot see the sun rays blasting through the clouds.


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