It’s Thursday. Volunteer night in making and delivering meals to our outdoor neighbors. I have some Thursday nights when I just feel tired from a long week and don’t want to go. But I know staffing is short most nights and not going would cause a harder burden on those that do show up.
Some nights I’m selfish and want to rush through things to get home. Then I have a night like tonight.

The kitchen is hot and crowded because the church, which so graciously allows us to use their kitchen, was also having Vacation Bible School this week. While we’re preparing and plating for 72 outdoor neighbors, the church members are preparing food for the kids. All went well and we actually left for deliveries on time. We load are cars and head out.

It’s mid June and the temperature is 100 outside. We know it’s going to be a long, hot summer. The car barely cools down when we arrive at our first stop. We decide to leave the windows down for the remaining stops since they’re only minutes apart. By the time we get to our last stop, we’re sticky, hot, and sweaty and there’s no breeze, or minimal at best. We chatted with the guys for about 45 minutes and headed home.

Here’s the point to this entire story; we headed home. We got in our air conditioned car and drove to our air conditioned home. We washed our sweaty clothes in our own washer. We took a shower in our own bathroom, finding fresh towels and clean clothes. We rummaged through our refrigerator and cabinets to make something that WE wanted to eat. We then got to sleep in our own comfortable beds, in our cool house, with fans blowing and behind locked doors.

Funny how God puts these reminders to us of just how fortunate we are. We have more than we deserve and we take it for granted.
Everything is His, EVERYTHING!


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