Toilet Paper

I am humbled once again by our outdoor neighbors. In our deliveries we come to know them on a more personal level. Like most of us, they have their own demons they battle. Their struggles are real.
Tonight we asked for prayer requests and basic needs. What could we do besides deliver a hot meal once a week. The responses we received were humbling. Things we take for granted such as toilet paper. Most of us don’t give that a second thought, we just expect it to be there when we need it.

It’s been raining today. The rain cleared while we did our deliveries (as it always does), but began to pour shortly after we arrived home. Here I sit in my comfy chair writing this as I see lightening flash across the sky. The rain is heavy. I think of my friends in theirs tents, some are there by choice but many are not. I’m about to sleep in a comfortable bed, not a sleeping bag or the cold ground. I’ll wake in the morning to a hot cup of coffee.

We take so much for granted every day. Please pray for those in need. Please pray for their struggles and the demons they battle. Life can change in an instant.


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