Confused, Yet Not Alone


My mind a constant battlefield,
many struggles deep within.
I feel You reaching out to me,
I messed up yet again.

No one knows the thoughts I have,
the exception would be You.
Please take away my selfishness,
and help me start anew.

The morning comes to start out fresh,
with You my day begins.
The day goes on frustration comes,
I’m losing yet again.

Sometimes I want the fight to end,
to be right by Your side.
Until I think of loved ones left,
so many tears I’ve cried.

My suffering insignificant,
compared to what You’ve done.
My guilty heart then breaks again,
the wordly battle won.

Please help me Lord I need You now,
my fragility sincere.
Please fill me with You’re Spirit Lord,
I know that You are here.


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