Who Am I

A wife.
A mother .
A MawMaw.
A friend.
A sister.
A daughter.
A cousin.
A neice.
An aunt.
A worker.
A volunteer.
An insurance lady.
A jewelry designer.
A nurturer.
A listener.
A poet.
An artist.
A dishwasher.
A cook.
A launderer.
An amputee.
A woman.
A girl.
An American.
A pet owner.
A personality.
A college graduate.
A comedian.
A singer.
A reader.
A grocery shopper.
An empathizer.
A sympathizer.
A leader.
A follower.
A helper.

The list is endless.

But most of all…

I am
A child of God.
A Christian.
A follower of Jesus.
A believer.

I am Special and so are you.


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