I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve missed it. I’ve been really distracted lately. I started a side business at the end of October. My son came home on leave in November after a year in South Korea. I’ve been working on another position with my primary job since mine will be eliminated in May. These things in addition to the normal life of a wife and mother, so I’ve been a little busy. I am in the process of clearing a few things off of my plate so hopefully time will improve.
Who am I kidding?  I’ll clear and then ends up with something else to take its place, but I love it for the most part.
Sometimes I feel like my distractions take away from my relationship with God. Why is it that I have times that I feel overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and other times I have feelings of doubt?  I’ve heard this happens to a lot of people. I see those that seem so full all the time and I think to myself, “I want that”. How do I get to that point?  If I want it and I pray about it, then why don’t I feel it?
Jesus,  I need You! I want to be filled with your Spirit!  I want to see other’s as You see them.  I want them to see You in me. Teach me Lord. Please make my time on this earth worthy of Your sacrifice for me.


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