Everything we have is a gift to be thankful for.  As time goes on, our world is playing WIFM (What’s In it For Me) radio on a daily basis. If it doesn’t benefit me, why should I care?  This self-entitlement attitude is on the rise. 

We should care because we are fortunate to have a roof over our head, food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs.  Many do not have that luxury. Times are becoming tougher as prices on everything become higher while our paychecks don’t keep up with the inflation.  We don’t have the job security of times past, as we see many with reduced hours or jobs being eliminated altogether.

This isn’t a rant, as we see enough of that every day.  It’s a reminder, to take a look around and appreciate what we have. No matter how little or how much, it can all be gone in a heartbeat.  If you’re reading this, then you are on a phone or a computer, these are items we used to survive without.  While they keep us connected in one way, they cause disconnect in another. Lately, I’ve let mine get in the way of more important things.  Don’t we all find ourselves doing this from time to time?

Let’s take the time to pay someone a compliment, do a kind act for another individual.  Keep a smile on our faces.  Have a conversation at dinner.  No matter how bad things can get, it can always be worse.  Sometimes it takes someone else’s situation to put our own lives into perspective. 

#SomethingToThinkAbout #GodisWatching


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