Missing My Mom

Thinking of my mother,
difficult her life.
I see it in old pictures,
hearing stories of her strife.


Encouraging she was,
never letting down.
Another’s needs were always first,
a caring woman always found.


Strong appearances she portrayed,
yet hurting deep within.
Until the Lord called her home,
the angels lead her in.

Her time to leave this earth,
came sooner that we’d like.
Though now we know she’s happy,
living in eternal life.

The pictures are old, but they portray the sadness my mother felt regularly. A hard life growing up, her mother died when she was only 2 yrs old. Her father was abusive, and her step mother never loved her.  She left home after high school, joining the Air Force, to get away.
There she met my dad. Thing’s were good at first, but soon turned to another controlling relationship. She soon found herself divorced with three small children and moving back into the home she ran away from.
Eventually getting her own placed, seeming happy for a while.
A tragic accident lead her to meet her 2nd husband. She had 2 more children and was very happy for many years. She loved him deeply, only to be let down again. She became bitter as her life struggles became worse. Soon, she just existed from day to day. A smile on the outside, still lending a hand, but hurting so deep on the inside.
Cancer developed and eventually provided her the escape she so desired.

I love you mom and miss you so much. Thank for being strong for me and playing a major part in the woman I am today.
I know we will see each other again.


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