Holes Are Deep

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to re-do things? Why is that? We can’t change the past, although sometimes we wish we could.

If we changed the past, our present and future would also be altered. Sometimes it’s hard to see that good things can come from our mistakes or from the hardships we may endure. These things build character, they make us who we are today.

There are situations in life that can be extremely difficult to overcome. We can easily fall into self pity and bitterness. The hurt can seem like you’re in a hole so deep, no one will find you and you’ll rot at the bottom of it.

Some use their circumstances or their upbringing as an excuse. It may be hard to overcome the cycle of abuse,  but it can be done. Physical and/or emotional abuse is more common than what we may realize. Just because a family looks perfect on the outside, doesn’t mean everything is picture perfect on the inside. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. We must remember this when we’re dealing with people who might seem difficult to be around. They may be trying their best to cope with whatever demons are engulfing their lives. Until we’ve walked in the shoes of others, our opinions need to stay to ourselves.

No two people are alike. What may seem trivial to one, may be devastating to another. We are all imperfect beings. We are all broken. We are all bruised. Our minds work differently. Our thought processes are affected by the lives we’ve led. No one person knows every single deep, dark secret of another. It doesn’t matter how close you are, there’s always something. Something we’ve blocked out ourselves.

There is One who knows all. He knows the heart, which is the center of our being. Thank God for grace and mercy. Thank God that the filth can be cleansed. Thank God that one day there will be no more sorrow, no more pain, no more wondering why life hurts. One day, it will be beautiful. Until that day, we must walk with Christ and look past the outside actions of others and look at the hearts of our fellow brothers and sisters as we are ALL made in His image.


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