Feeling Disappointed

We are all born with an innate sense of right and wrong. I like to believe that most of us listen to this internal instinct before we act on what we may be thinking.  Sometimes we ignore it and move forward only to regret it later. Then there are those who have no regrets and may feel their actions are acceptable regardless of being right or wrong.
In working with the public my entire life, I have crossed paths with a wide variety of people and their intricate personalities. I truly believe there is good in everyone;  you just have to dig a little deeper to find it in some. I have learned over the years that people will let you down.
Most of the time I note the let downs as a loss and move on. Other times I find myself extremely disappointed because I held someone in a higher regard than I should have. I looked up to them and respected them. These let downs are particularly difficult to accept.
I’m confident I’ve probably let some people down myself. I understand this is a human flaw.
As I find myself restless tonight;  my mind running a million miles a minute, I wonder.
If I am disappointed in the judgemental actions of others, how must God feel about us? We judge one another on issues we know nothing about. We hurt each other out of spite, anger, pride, greed, jealousy, and many other things; the list is endless. Sometimes we forgive, sometimes we don’t. When we do forgive, we typically don’t forget. Sometimes the hurt is so deep and disappointing that we have to walk away.
That being said, I challenge each of us to take a deep look inside our own hearts. Are our actions as they should be? When we hurt someone, do we apologize and ask for forgiveness? Are we so self absorbed that we don’t realize our wrong doings? Are we sincere with ourselves and who we are? It’s time for a heart exam. It may all look good on the outside, but God knows what’s truly in our hearts and we will answer for our actions one day.


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