I’m sitting here this morning,  coffee in hand, listening to the sounds of the rain. The birds are also having their morning conversations. It’s a peaceful feeling.
I stopped watching the news several months ago. I became so tired of the negativity, the hate, the hurt, the evilness of the world; but you can’t escape it.
You hear the conversations of others, you see it in the news feed on social media, my Pastor references to it in his sermons.
I know it’s like living in a bubble. My husband tells me all the time that I’m one of those people that would buy the world a Coke. I have trouble comprehending how people can be so cruel to one another. How can they hurt the innocence of a child or the gentleness of an animal. Is it getting worse as time goes on or is it that we are so connected with the world that we have more access to the information?
Some days I get so frustrated that I wish Jesus would come or that it was my time to move on to be with the Lord (I am by no means depressed or suicidal). Then I realize how selfish this is. I’m here for a reason, I have not fulfilled my purpose yet, I’m still needed in God’s plan. Jesus hasn’t come because He’s still waiting for one more.
On those days of frustration, I try to see the beauty that surrounds me. There’s so much that we don’t see because we’re too focused on the negativity. Yet the sun rises every day, the birds sing, the grass grows, the wind blows, and we take another breath. This is when I stop and thank God for those many Blessings in my life; for the trials that made me appreciate where I am today.
Everything happens for a reason, reasons beyond my comprehension. All things in His perfect timing.
God Bless.


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