The Battle Within


My heart breaks,
for the pain you feel inside.
Your joy gone,
for this you did confide.

I see the struggle,
the war raging in your heart.
I want to help,
but I don’t know where to start.

I ask God,
in my prayers for you each day.
To help you heal,
and take the bitterness away.

I know you pray,
but you have to let it go.
Time is wasting,
this is hindering your growth.

Look at Christ,
His blood shed for all your sin.
You must forgive,
this war you can’t let Satan win.

I love you,
and I know how strong you are.
But God is greater,
only He can mend your heart.

Let it go,
to have joy in Him again.
He wants you back,
He has plans for you my friend.


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