I Am


I am broken,
many mistakes I make.
I am forgiven,
by the hand of grace.

I am blind,
seeing many flaws.
I must remember,
Christ’s suffering for all.

I am human,
in His image I am made.
The fruit was eaten,
a curse was plainly laid.

I am a sinner,
an inner battle every day.
My sins forgiven,
as I turn to Him and pray.

I am imperfect,
this He’s known from the start.
Constantly molding,
soon to be His work of art.

I am one,
yet a difference I can make.
With His help,
soon their hearts begin to wake.

I am hopeful,
His second coming close at hand.
The end of struggle,
as He takes me from this land.

I am joyful,
by His side to finally be.
Through Heaven’s gate,
eternally  I am free.


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