Miracles of Jesus


Turning water into wine,
the sweetest ever known.
With a mother’s gentle nudge,
His first miracle was shown.

A sick and dying son,
the royal official begged.
Jesus sent him home,
to find his child would live.

For thirty eight long years,
the invalid had lain.
Longing for the pool,
yet left behind again.

A question to be asked,
the Lord began to talk..
“Do you want to get well?”
“Pick up your mat and walk.”

By now His name was known,
all across the land.
A crowd had gathered ’round,
to hear this simple man.

Hungry they became,
with little bread and fish.
Jesus fed five thousand,
from five loaves and two fish.

This man who walked on water,
and calmed a raging sea.
Raised Lazarus from the dead,
and a blind man made to see.

The kindness He portrayed,
no other to compare.
Unending love and grace,
abundantly He shared.

Photo Credit: shroudstory.com


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