His Unrelenting Love


A perfect world we’re given,
a paradise on earth.
Yet we disobey,
and so begins the curse.

The Lord is watching over,
still giving everything.
So mercifully He provides,
even in our shame.

The world continues on,
more evil every day.
The Lord then says He’s had enough,
and sends a watery grave.

Another chance to start again,
different it may be.
As time goes on to prove again,
from His mercy we still flee.

Soon a Savior comes to us,
God’s one and only Son.
The world is given one more chance,
wretched sin to be undone.

Miracles He shows us,
full of love and grace.
Only to see Him crucified,
for the Human race.

To rise again He saves us all,
the curse of death to end.
Accepting Jesus as our King,
for eternity to live.

Photo Credit: redeemer-changinglives


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