Are You Right With God?


The blinders I have worn,
for these many years.
Now are torn away,
releasing many tears.

The Holy Spirit fills my heart,
opening my eyes.
This human world in which we live,
filled with many lies.

To each his own, or so they say,
no thought for one another.
Thankful for Your loving grace,
a joy unlike no other.

Yet my heart breaks for those,
who turn their back to You.
The world clings to them tightly,
they know not what they do.

One day soon Your Son will come,
to bring Your children home.
Some left here who thought for sure,
In Your kingdom they would roam.

In their hearts to take a look,
they’ll find You were not there.
The relationship they thought they had,
was never really there.

So unfortunate this time will be,
they will not understand.
Why their loved ones here today,
are no longer in the land.


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