Happy Marriage


My husband here to love me,
like no other could.
He provides for and protects me,
as he said he would.

He loves me for what’s inside,
my heart beats true for him.
Of his love I have no doubt,
it comes from deep within.

Always there to listen,
he’s my biggest fan.
Supporting all my ventures,
walking hand in hand.

All marriages have ups and downs,
ours is just the same.
Communication is the key,
discussing everything.

No secrets from each other,
important to the cause.
Implicitly we trust with all,
imperfect with our flaws.

Our marriage vows recited,
in sickness and in health.
My better half he’ll always be,
in poverty or wealth.

We compliment each other,
opposing are our views.
Sharing our perspectives,
some compromising too.

Dedicated to: Kevin Pritt
I Love You!


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