End Times Are Near


Scanning through the news today,
Depressed at what I see.
So much hate upon this earth,
How heartless can people be.

Children and animals,
abused most everyday.
A drive by shooting in the city,
and that was just today.

ISIS killing Christians,
some tortured before death.
These the things we hear about,
the secret horrors next.

The world is moving quickly now,
as in days of old.
The population’s wickedness,
washed away in waters cold.

The rainbow a promise not to flood,
yet the world will pay.
Choosing to continue on,
with their evil ways.

Prophecy is coming true,
this we plainly see.
The worse things get the closer to,
when Jesus we will see.

His second coming close at hand,
to call his children home.
A choice to make before to long,
or be left on earth to roam.

The Tribulation times are near,
still worse things are to come.
Don’t wait around to see it through,
let Jesus be the one.

Photo Credit: ApologeticsPress.org


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