What is a Christian?


Someone who believes in Christ,
and how He died for us.
Not to start an argument,
or judge because of looks.

Christianity a relationship,
the greatest ever known.
A love so great there is no doubt,
this world is not our home.

The Bible is being played out,
right before our eyes.
So many fail to recognize,
as they live the lie.

Our job to spread the gospel,
to walk as Jesus would.
To love and to forgive,
as only Jesus could.

In the word it’s clear,
Written in 1 John.
To love the Lord and hate your brother,
a liar you’ve become.

Our lives played out before us,
each second that once was.
Nothing will be hidden,
did we share His love.

Judgement will come soon,
before the Lord we’ll stand.
The good and faithful servant,
will see the out stretched hand.


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