Self Satisfaction


Self-entitlement is rampant,
“To each his own” they say.
Thinking of one’s self,
It’s how it is today.

What will make me happy,
this question that they ask.
They soon come to find,
It’s just another task.

Thing’s are only temporary,
in the happiness they provide.
Joy comes from within.
by Christ in how He died.

Nailed upon the cross,
for all the world to see.
After being beaten,
He died for you and me.

The sin from which we’re born,
second nature for us all.
In this world we live,
Some won’t answer when He calls.

This life is but a breath,
compared to eternity.
We have a choice to make,
which one will it be.

Live this life on earth,
In the moment some will choose.
Passing from the cup of grace,
so much they have to lose.

Our time on earth will end,
this is no surprise.
Where we go from there,
this we must decide.

Tomorrow we’re not promised,
time is moving fast.
He’s reaching for your hand,
please don’t let it pass.

The fullness of your heart,
nothing can compare.
His eternal love,
you will want to share.

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