Be With Me


Fill me with Your spirit Lord,
for I need You so.
Even when I think I don’t,
Your love still helps me grow.

My broken self so longs for You,
please override my sin.
It creeps up in my life,
instilled so deep within.

The battle going on,
too great for me to bear.
Alone I know I’ll lose this fight,
So thankful You are there.

With the suit of armor,
and Your undying grace.
I know that we will win this war,
this I’ve learned from faith.

So undeserving of Your love,
and how You died for me.
The weight You beared for all my sin,
too great for me to see.

My life minute amongst them all,
insignificant it seems.
Through Your mercy lifted up,
As my tears they stream.

Thank You for Your mercy Lord,
Your glory lifted up.
Thank You for Your loving grace,
and never giving up.


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