Broken is the world,
in need of something great.
To save us from ourselves,
before the time too late.

It’s hard to comprehend,
Why we don’t understand.
The greatness of the gift,
You hold within Your hand.

Things of this world,
all belong to You.
We bite the hand that feeds,
Not realizing what we do.

You show Yourself each day,
the sun begins to rise.
With a morning stretch,
Opening our eyes.

This a gift as well,
As we soon forget.
Taking much for granted,
needing to repent.

Missing so much joy,
by living in the world.
Empty hearts will search,
Your nudge they still ignore.

Some I  understand,
for I’ve been there myself.
Living for the moment,
You upon the shelf.

How I quickly learned,
I hope that they will too.
Feel your loving touch,
Learning to know You.

Broken we all are,
Needing you so much.
Please continue Lord,
with Your loving touch.

Bring us to You Lord,
Slow as sheep we learn.
Eventually to know,
For You we truly yearn.


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