Never Satisfied

The days are hot and long,
complaints about the heat.
Soon the cold will come,
frozen hands and feet.

A roof above our heads,
clothes upon our backs.
A comfy bed to sleep,
a cupboard full of snacks.

Always wanting more,
never satisfied.
Nothing good enough,
More our money buys.

Competing with the world,
to have the best of all.
Yet still so unhappy,
not knowing who to call.

One day this life will end,
these things to remain here.
What a waste of time,
to know not You are near.

We enter life with nothing,
We leave with just the same.
Why do we waste the time,
To play this earthly game.

The hole dug is the same,
whether rich or poor.
Where we go soon after,
dependant on the door.

When Jesus came to knock,
a choice to let Him in.
Did we choose to answer,
or close it once again.


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