Open the Heart

Hearing ears that fail to listen,
Open eyes that do not see.
Yet we wonder why,
we cannot be set free.

Crying out “we want more”,
full of self-entitlement.
Never truly satisfied,
living with much covetousness.

Looking ’round the world,
many living poor.
Not a bite to eat,
sleeping on the floor.

Shoes upon our feet,
a roof above our head.
A bed in which we sleep,
to rest our weary heads.

Fortunate we are,
yet fail to recognize.
In our selfishness,
as others agonize.

Empathy we feel,
as we turn away.
Someone else will help,
for busy is my day.

Some want to help,
but know not where to start.
Let us take a look,
first inside our hearts.

One random act of kindess,
to touch another’s heart.
In hopes they pay it forward,
this is how we start.

Soon becoming easy,
more random acts each day.
His love spread ’round the world,
loving grace leads the way.


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