Lost and Found

She parties on the weekend,
the liquor easing pain.
When Monday comes around,
the hurt begins again.

Sharper than a razor,
the tongue within her mouth.
The wicked words see uses,
Continue spewing out.

She knows the action’s wrong,
as others let her know.
They quickly walk away,
seeing her approach.

Difficulties in her past,
Make her bitter now.
Searching now she tries to learn,
how to settle down.

Decisions in her past,
now coming back to haunt.
dreadful memories surface,
to continously taunt.

She soon begins to realize
from a caring friend,
Only one can help her,
to learn to live again.

A long conversation,
leads her to the Lord.
Asking Him into her heart,
as tears fall to the floor.

She knows it won’t be easy,
to walk down this new path.
Relief someone understands,
with forgiveness for her past.

Eventually the tables turn,
she sees herself again.
In someone she once knew,
she knows she must befriend.

Sharing her life story,
with this hurting soul.
Her testimony soon gives hope,
as His grace overflows.


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