Graciously Unworthy


A visit to the beach,
looking out to sea.
Water, water everywhere,
no end the eye can see.

Beneath the moving water,
an ocean full of life.
Just as the world around us,
Many people, so much strife.

Watching as the waves come in.
the sun is going down.
Footprints in the sand,
too numerous to count.

Realizing how small I am,
In the grand scheme of things.
Has my mind wondering,
how He knows everything.

I think about the vastness,
the beauty He provides.
Feeling insignificant,
Yet in Him I confide.

I am so unworthy,
of His loving grace.
So many need Him more,
in this human race.

Regardless of my actions,
which will never be enough.
I truly know He loves me,
especially when times are tough.

Every single thing a gift,
He doesn’t have to give.
I take so much for granted,
yet He lets me live.

Life can change so quickly,
gifts soon taken away.
So thankful He allows,
my precious gifts another day.

For He owes me nothing,
to Him I owe it all.
And this I must remember,
each time I start to fall.

Appreciation for the beauty,
great abundance all around.
For my God is wonderful,
so thankful He can be found.


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