Life Changes


Another day has come to pass,
the sun will soon set down.
The daily tasks have ended,
to complete another round.

Tomorrow soon to come again,
at least we hope it will.
Only to begin again,
time never standing still.

So much we take for granted,
in our mundane lives.
Never to be satisfied,
seeking the next prize.

It’s time to stop and look around,
His presence always there.
This non-stop world in which we live,
completely unaware.

In an instant life can change,
not always for the best.
On our knees we call His name,
to put our minds at rest.

Unanswered prayer sometimes the case,
we turn away again.
Unable to truly recognize,
Christ our one true friend.

We may not understand stand it now,
the pain to great to see.
Laid to rest to leave this world,
to live eternally.

One place or the other,
a decision to be made.
Eternal pain and suffering,
or through God’s Heavenly gate.

The outstretched hand is there for you,
waiting for your grasp.
Reach for it now for one day soon,
this opportunity will pass.


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