The Faithful Couple


At church they come on Sunday,
a smile upon their faces.
The news received just weeks ago,
With the Lord they’ve placed it.

The strength and trust they both put forth,
Great witnesses to all.
Yet full of fear they both must be,
behind that faithful wall.

No one knows just what to say,
pleasantries exchanged.
Their lives so much different now,
How quickly things can change.

A choice was made long ago,
to love and follow Christ.
Their loving faith unyielding,
Even through this pain and strife.

The testimony they portray,
while walking hand in hand.
With many praying silently,
for God’s healing hands.

Their lives have not been easy,
With Jesus they find peace.
Both good and faithful servants,
The evidence we see.

So thankful that our paths have crossed,
Our hearts you both have touched.
An inspiration to us all,
We love you both so much.

Dedicated to John and Debbie Anderson

Photo Credit: Debbie Anderson


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