Hypocrisy is rampant,
in our world today.
As people make excuses,
why they stayed away.

They didn’t like the Pastor,
or something that he said.
They didn’t like the music,
or they the way that it was led.

It’s true that you may find
judgement in a church.
Don’t let that be the reason,
To keep away and hurt.

We don’t attend for judgement,
but to grow in Christ.
If the Lord leads you there,
attendence would be wise.

It could be He led you there,
for someone else in need.
A hurting heart may feel so lost,
needing you to take the lead.

No one there is perfect,
this is clear to see.
The Lord may have led you there,
to plant a mustard seed.

Don’t give up so early,
there’s something for you too.
You won’t know unless you go,
let Him work with you.

He knows your potential,
He has great plans for you.
Conviction placed upon your heart,
He hopes you’ll listen to.

Hypocrisy is rampant,
In our world today.
The greatest used excuse,
To go about our way.


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