The Gift


I wake in the night,
with You on my mind.
Wondering with all You’ve been through,
how can You be so kind.

The love you show to all,
regardless of the sin.
I know I am to follow,
yet where do I begin.

Created in Your image,
a sinner I was born.
The love placed in my heart,
sometimes turns to scorn.

We are to love each other,
as You love each of us.
The task extremely difficult,
I see so much mistrust.

Thinking of the pain You suffered,
bearing all my sin.
Looking up toward the Heavens,
my journey now begins.

To keep in mind this dying world,
is not my final home.
It breaks my heart as I see,
so many others roam.

This precious gift You’ve given,
so easy to receive.
Yet the people turn away,
continuously deceived.

I was once among them,
a blinded soul I was.
Finally listening to my heart,
to feel Your gentle touch.

So thankful that You listen,
when I call Your name.
Confusion in my mind,
my heart releases pain.

My faith continues growing,
with each passing day.
Thank You for Your guiding hand,
to always lead the way.

So glad that You are with me,
this world a scary place.
My heart so full of peace now,
as I run this race.

Lord help me with my actions,
let my words come from You.
In hopes that others feel your touch,
to accept a gift so true.


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