Escape Reality


Looking up into the clouds,
The peacefulness they bring.
If only I could dissappear,
leaving earthly things.

The day to day distractions,
how mundane it all seems.
Just going through the motions,
Soon I close my eyes to dream.

To have the wings of a bird,
I’d spread my wings and fly.
To perch upon the perfect cloud,
high up in the sky.

Softly clouds are rolling,
with a gentle breeze.
My imagination growing,
soaring high above the trees.

Worries left below me,
freedom from above.
Soaring like an eagle,
peaceful as a dove.

Soon to be awakened,
reality still here.
Back into the daily grind,
the memory still clear.

A smile upon my face,
as I go about the day.
Still reeling from the dream I had,
when I flew away.

Escaping from reality,
in these stressful days.
Helps me with my sanity,
in the clouds I wish to stay.


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