Anger Within

Why are you so angry?
I ask again today.
with concern he looks at me,
and this is what he says.

I’ve lost my faith in people,
to always be let down.
the insincerity they portray,
I choose not to be around.

I tell him they’re not perfect,
as none of us can be.
It’s time to learn to live with it,
That’s how it is you see.

We do know some good people,
in the nursing homes they work.
And if you take a look around,
a few are in the church.

We can’t expect perfection,
none righteous,  no not one.
Except the one who died for us,
our Father’s only Son.

Stop looking at the people,
and take a look within.
Focus on what Christ has done,
He’ll be your one true friend.

Harboring resentment,
hurts no one but you.
Keep your focus on the Lord,
He will get you through.

I know it isn’t easy,
walking as Christ did.
Forgiving all the people,
but that is what He said.

Christ took the ten commandments,
reducing them to two.
Love the Lord your God,
and your neighbor too.

So put aside your anger,
and work to live for Him.
He’ll bring the joy back to your heart,
to enjoy life once again.


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