Freedom At A Cost


Many soldiers fallen,
brave until the end.
All of whom had families,
as well as some true friends.

We thank them for their service,
our freedoms they provide.
The sacrifice which they partake,
and pay for with their lives.

Many tears we shed for them,
the bravery they portray.
Though our hearts beat fear for them,
we’re  thankful that they stay.

For if they didn’t fight for us,
our freedoms would be lost.
The greatness our country found upon,
continues with a cost.

Thank you to our service men,
and women in our land.
Continously praying,
that God will lend a hand.

Not all of us could stand so brave,
as valiantly you’ve done.
Forever in our hearts,
as your memory lives on.

Our freedom you’ve provided,
the evidence is clear.
Reflecting back into times past,
through the many years.

America has come so far,
all because of you.
We thank you for your service,
Your actions, tried and true.

Always to remember,
the courage that you gave,
America is home of the free,
truly because of the brave.


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