Her Legacy

At the time she should be sleeping,
she lies in bed awake.
Wondering if she died today,
just what the world might say.

She thinks about her husband,
how bitter he would grow.
To think he’d lost his one true love,
unable to console.

His heart forever breaking,
together they are one.
Reflections of her memory,
to never be undone.

She thinks about her children,
she knows that they are strong.
Full of love, they’ll miss her,
Soon to learn that life goes on.

Did she do enough in life,
to leave a legacy.
Her family could be proud of,
that others too can see.

Was her faith apparent,
to everyone she knew.
The love of Christ she hoped to show,
to a stranger too.

She wished that she had done more,
at a younger age.
The Lord was always with her,
yet she turned away.

Choosing to be wordly,
she could live life on her own.
Continously searching,
for what, it was unknown.

Eventually she found Him,
in her later years.
The emptiness in her heart,
filled after many tears.

Her children have forgiven her,
bad choices she once made.
Until she met her one true love,
together to this day.

Thankful for our Heavenly Father,
and His unending grace.
She knows that soon her time will come,
to end this wordly race.

Jesus will be waiting,
to call her to His home.
Where soon she’ll be at His side,
on His heavenly throne.

Finally she is sleeping,
in a peaceful state.
No longer thinking of the world,
For God controls her fate.


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