Words Matter


Has someone ever said something that just stayed with you? Did it make you question yourself?
This happens to me frequently as I try to become more aware. I have a couple of examples for you.

Miss Virginia
This precious soul is 93 years old. I had the honor of meeting her about a year ago. She was having a rough time with illness.  She got over the flu and then developed pneumonia in a short period of time. The nursing home she was in was also closing to rebuild, which meant she would have to move again.

As my husband and I were visiting one day, there she sat with a smile on her face as always. She made a comment that everything that happens is a trial we are to experience and that everything would work itself out. Then she said “Who am I to question the Lord? He’s been so good to me.”

She has a valid point. How often do we question our situation or circumstances? Do we not ask God why?

Romans 8:28 is the response to that question. We sometimes forget that ALL things are for  good and glorify God.

Mr. Bill
This sweet gentleman resides at our local Community Kitchen. He walks on crutches and has a look of pain on his face which he desparately tries to hide. He too always has a smile and a kind word.

My husband and I met him on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as the kitchen was serving lunch. We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him on a few occasions. Every time we leave, Bill has the same sweet words of advice. “Always wear a smile, you never know what kind of an impact it will have on someone else’s day.”

These two precious individual’s cross my mind often, gently reminding me that our actions and words have an affect on everyone around us. We don’t always know who might over hear a conversation or notice how we react to someting.

As we strive to live as Christ would, I leave you with the words of Paul. “To live in Christ, is to die in gain.” Phillipians 1:21



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