Why are people afraid to share the Gospel of Christ? Have you ever paid attention to social media? What people respond to and what they don’t?

For example, I got my hair cut recently. It was a big change, so I updated my profile picture on Facebook. In less than 24 hours there are 96 “likes” and 44 “comments”.  I appreciate all the “likes” and kind words so much, but it makes me wonder.

Typically, when I blog about Jesus, I also share it publicly on my Social Media accounts. Very few people “like”, comment, or share. Why is that?

Not all of my friends are Christian, but the majority that interact claim to be.
The profile pic tells me my posts are seen. Some have commented in private messages or will say something to me personally.
I know it really shouldn’t matter as long as the  posts do some good for someone.
I just find it interesting that people bash the news channels for things they post, lots of prayers are passed around when tragedy happens. Are we being real? Are we truly doing what we’re called to do?


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