Still Learning


Once I was a young girl,
the world I thought I knew.
As I left the cozy nest.
my aspirations grew.

I trusted in so many,
to only be let down.
Continously searching for,
the One who wore the crown.

Many lessons I have learned,
as my Father knew.
My stubborness would lead me back,
to the One and only truth.

Many times I’ve stumbled,
crying several tears.
Now reflecting back on life,
through my many years.

Lord You’re always with me,
I didn’t always know.
But looking back I now see,
You always ran the show.

My life on earth is but a breath,
please make it worth Your while.
To guide me with Your Holy Spirit,
until the final trial.

This world is quickly fading,
the evidence is there.
Soon You’ll be arriving,
few will be prepared.

Those who choose to know You,
they haven’t turned away.
Yet many need to find You,
before the glorious day.

The pain and suffering You endured,
to free me from my sin.
The greatest gift the Lord could give,
the love which has no end.

Thank You for Your sacrifice,
please help my heart to grow.
So I can share the one true love,
our world should learn to know.


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