Thank A Soldier


I recently got to chat with my son for a few minutes. He’s currently stationed in South Korea with the US Army. There’s a good possibility he will go on to Afghanistan for a 4th tour. I’m not happy about this. With our world changing the way it is and ISIS running rampant persecuting Christians, it scares me for him beyond words.

He is my oldest child and my only son. While I understand he is a grown man and has seen horrible  things in his lifetime which I could never comprehend, he is still, and always will be, my little boy. I know our mother’s out there understand exactly where I’m coming from. As mother’s, we nurture and guide our children to be good people and to respect others. We want them happy and healthy in all stages of life and we never stop wanting to protect them from the evil of this world.

My son, along with many other son’s and daughter’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s, brother’s and sister’s are now protecting us. We should be honoring, respecting, and showing endless gratitude to our military. They deserve nothing less from those of us who have the freedom to live our lives without fear.

Please pray for our men and women who chose to risk their lives by making the decision to serve our country. May God Bless them all by wrapping His loving arms around them and give them comfort and strength to continue their journey.

Ryan, know that I love you more than words can say and I am so proud of you!


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