I Awoke

I wake this morning with Jesus on my mind again. It seems as though this happens often; especially when I’m alone and my mind is running so many different directions.

I rededicated my life to Christ in April of 2014. Since then I have learned so much and yet I will never know it all. I don’t believe that any of us can fully comprehend the greatness of God. The Bible is our starting place for learning. I don’t believe this love letter to us is only black and white.  We truly have to study to even begin to understand the depth that it teaches.

Some days I am overwhelmed with emotion. Although I know Christ is with me, there are some days I feel His presence more than others. These are the days I write. Even then, I can’t seem to get on paper the full strength of what is going on in my heart and my mind. I have my days when I worry about what someone might think, and then I have days where God gives me the strength to just put it out there. Because I think that even if there is only one person that His message touches, then it’s completely worth saying what I need to say. Most of the time, I just start writing and hit the publish button. When I go back a read the words again, I am astonished at what is said.

We cannot be afraid of what people think. Society makes us that way. It’s natural for us to want to fit in with the world, but this is not our home. These people around us have no say in our salvation. We control that aspect of our lives. And once we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior,  no one can take that away. He fills the void that we are all looking for. That something we’ve been missing all our lives. Can you feel it?

The more I learn about Jesus, the sadder and happier I become. My sadness is for the overwhelming evil of this world, the cruelty humans enact upon one another, on innocent people, children, and animals. My sadness is for those who have heard the gospel, yet continue to live for the world. Why don’t they understand? My sadness is for those that believe they are living a  righteous life, yet continue to judge others. Am I any better? I think not, but I continue to put forth the effort. I have Christ on my mind all day, every day. I second guess my thoughts and actions. I second guess what I’m doing with my life. Jesus was basically a vagabond when you think about it. He gave up EVERYTHING so that we could have the Holy Spirit on earth with us; so that He could live, not only among us,  but within us. He was beaten beyond recognition, and nailed to a cross so we could have eternal salvation. Yet most of the world take this precious gift with a grain of salt. I cannot condemn them, because it took me a while to recognize it myself. However,  I can share now and hope that someone else will accept His gift of Grace and mercy.

Jesus, we’re waiting for you.


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