My Prayer

Thank you Lord for giving me eyes to enjoy the beauty You’ve created. Ears to hear Your message. A mind to attempt to comprehend how great You are. And a heart to house Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, with all You have provided, I continue to pray for wisdom and discernment. Help me to see other’s as You see them.

It’s so hard to let go and allow You to guide me. I know You have been there for me always, even when I lost hope. I can look back on my life and see where You had Your hands gently guiding me in the right direction.

Thank you so much for never giving up on me, no matter how many times I fail You. Lord, please forgive me for my shortcomings,  for You know there are many.

I awake each day with You on my mind and I always say, this day will be different.  But it isn’t. I continue to fail. I continue to get frustrated. I continue letting You down with my actions and my thoughts. How do I gain control? I suppose that’s the point and the problem answering itself in my prayer to You.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father, please help me.

In Jesus precious holy name I pray.



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