A Little Good News Please

There is so much negativity in the world today.  I load up my Facebook account and someone has posted a poor dog tied to a chair being beaten with electrical wires, shootings are occurring everywhere, accidents all over the roadways, SWAT standoffs, another friend has cancer, etc.  And this is just in my little neck of the woods which is actually a decent area to live in.

Nationally, contracts are being overruled (Obamacare) because the “intent” was there, even if it wasn’t written correctly. Gay marriage has passed nationally without the states having a vote, shootings in a church in South Carolina which is causing a dispute over an antique flag being removed while our own flag is being stomped on by those who have no respect for what it represents.  Yet they say we’re making progress.

It’s not always the news that’s negative, but the narrow minded stupidity that follows. People arguing back and forth over things they have no control over. Opinions, that’s all they are and giving them doesn’t change what’s already come to pass.

In my own little household, everything is increasing as it is for many American’s.  Our jobs are being eliminated by technology or overseas call centers.  Yet the cost of living continues to rise.  What are we to do?  Can we do anything?

Remember the country song by Anne Murray, “A Little Good News Today”?  We sure could use some.  I’m finding the only way to stay positive is to focus on the little things in life.  Keep It Simple, as the saying goes.  A husband snoring on the couch after a long nights work reminds me that he’s still here on earth with me.  The birds chirping as the sun rises remind us of simpler times.  The rain gently falling to cool a hot summer day.  Look around, God is with us.  Sometimes we over look Him because He’s being pushed out of our world as we know it.  Jesus is coming soon.  The evidence is all around us.  If I’m wrong about my faith in the Lord, then we’re in trouble.  It’s the only hope we have.  Do you really see this world improving?  I sure don’t.  It’s a scary thought to think that we would just continue in this downward spiral.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Jesus to come.  Keep looking for the little things, they will remind you of good things to come.


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