Happy Anniversary


Today my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. In honor of the day, we took a leisurely drive through the mountains. I love those drives. They provide an opportunity to escape from the day to day stresses and allow us to relax and reconnect.

It’s quite a story of how we came to be together. This is one of the many reasons no one will ever convince me that God doesn’t have a plan for all of us.

I was born in California and  Kevin in Florida. We both ended up attending the same middle school in Poca WV.

Back then, I was shy and had no experience with boys. He was more outgoing and quite handsome as I remember.
One afternoon we were in the gym with many other students. A mutual friend knew Kevin had a crush on me and tried to set us up. I was completely unaware of this situation.
So, I’m sitting on the bleachers and Kevin comes up to me and this is what is said:

Kevin: “hi,  Mike said you wanted me too come sit with you. ”
Me: “I never said that! ”

And that was that. Until about 20 years later. By this time,  I’m living in Texas and he’s living in Georgia.
I happen to cross his mind one day as he’s looking at an old yearbook. He finds me through one of those online high school graduation sites and sends me an email.

We correspond via email and then by phone,  just catching up on what’s happened over the years and getting to know each other. I flew to see him a couple of times and he would come through Texas periodically.

Eventually I was able to transfer with my job to Tennessee. I put my house on the market and got a cash offer for my asking price the day the for sale sign was placed in the yard.

The rest is history.

God was definitely working to bring us together.

I’m looking forward to continuing our journey with God leading the way.


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