Quiet Time

It’s Saturday.  The house is quiet.  Kevin worked a 12 hour shift last night and is sleeping soundly.  Jess is sleeping in too today.  Just me and the kitties enjoying the silence of the morning.  I love these times.  They give me time to think, to reflect.  No stress. No worries. No hurry to get anything done.  I do have some laundry going, as well as the dishwasher.
One hundred years ago, a woman would not have had the time to sit and put her thoughts on paper.  There were no automatic dishwashers, no automatic washing machines or dryers.  No microwaves or convenience foods.  My how times have changed in a relatively short period.  Are these conveniences for the better?  They definitely make life easier.

What about cell phones, or social media?  There doesn’t seem to be a personal connection with people today.  Everything is put out on the web.  People text rather than talk.  However, we have the world at our fingertips.  Is the trade off worth the sacrifice of the human connection? We all have our opinions and I suppose it depends on what stage in life each individual has reached or what generation they’re from to determine what opinions they may have.  I can tell you mine has changed with age.

I’ve always said I was born a generation later than I should have been.  I have the mentality of my parents where a man WAS as good as his word.  People had respect for one another.  A handshake was as good as a signed contract.  Now it seems as though everyone looks out for themselves without regard to whom they may hurt in the process.  The work ethic in this country has declined.  It’s always someone else’s job or someone else’s responsibility.  Self-Entitlement is the norm today.   It’s all about ME or what’s in it for ME.  Does anybody care?  It sure doesn’t seem like it.  Does my opinion matter?  Not to humanity, but it matters to me and it matters to God.  So I suppose that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

#reflection #quiettime #changingtimes


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